I suffer from wanderlust, from seeking adventure and from daydreaming about far away places, people and smells that make-up the intoxicating dizziness that accompanies getting lost.

Lost in cities you never knew existed.  Lost in things that, just yesterday, seemed impossible.  Lost in my own mind.  Locked up and shut out to world that is in reach, but completely, head over heals in sync with the world’s deepest corners and depths.

I try to form words that could possibly explain this feeling, this phenomenon, but there isn’t a phrase in any language that can come close to describing it.


The vivid, eyes wide open dreams are infinite and their hold on me is so vast that time and space could never measure its grasp.

I try to close my eyes.  I try to breathe deep.  I try to find that moment of silence but the weight of everything and anything that is at all possible pushes so hard against my chest that I am forced to live, awaken and be mindful of my mind, which is haunted and my soul which is yearning for wanderlust, for daydreaming, for adventure and for experiencing the far away places, people and smells.







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