Feeling creatively, emotionally, psychically and just everything stuck!

I go through phases where I am overflowing with creativity.  I’m up all hours of the night writing, drawing and creating anything and everything.  I can’t shut off my mind.  It’s a never-ending, overflowing mess of disjointed thoughts.

Then, nothing.

My brain just can’t take anymore.  It’s completely fried and devoid of all and any substance.  My body starts to work on autopilot.

Today, my mind is blocked.  It’s shut down, tuned out and turned off.

I want to write.

I want to create.

But today is not my time.  I am blocked and it’s ok.  I know that soon enough I will have more sleepless nights than I care to have.  I will be begging my brain to quiet down and, I hope, that in that moment, I can reflect back on these days of blankness and find the balance between the two.








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