If your stuck in a shit hole, tiny airport in New York, then you have to make the best of it!

Let me back up a bit. I flew to New York to meet an old friend.  Our weekend was cut short due to unforeseen circumstances.  I was dropped of at a tiny airport about two hours north of the city.  I had hours before my flight and thought to myself, hey I’ll just sit at the airport bar.


Apparently this was the only airport in the world without a bar. But, I did have my laptop.  So as I sat there chatting up people on myspace, yes that’s right- myspace, I saw that a friend’s band was playing a show that night in Brooklyn.  I messaged him, changed my flight and the next thing you know I was on the train to NYC.

I think that this was the first time that I had ever traveled alone.  Not that taking a train into New York City is a big deal, but it was the first time I navigated changing my flight, getting to the train station, arriving in Grand Central Station, finding the right train to Brooklyn and then find my friend’s work.

It ended up being an amazing night.  I got to watch their band play in some hole in the wall bar.  I was able to experience Brooklyn and it’s various bars and diners, and in the morning I discovered why Brooklyn bagels are the best.

That weekend was bitter sweet for me; however, I wouldn’t change it for the world.  It made me realized just how strong I am as a woman and it made me completely confident in the fact that I could travel alone.

Hank's Saloon.  Photo by: Tom Callan

Hank’s Saloon. Photo by: Tom Callan


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