One of my most favorite photos I’ve ever taken!

This photo is completely unedited.  It was taken on an old 5.1 megapixel camera during sunrise at Hermosa Beach, CA on April 23, 2006.




Beyond the beauty of this picture, there are memories.  This day was an amazing combination of love, marriage, birthday surprises, romance and pure joy.  We didn’t know then just how badly our life together would turn out.  That these moments would eventually leave us broken. Here’s the thing.  I wanted to write something eloquent and poetic.  Where I twisted and turned letters to form words that left meaning and made your stomach sink with sadness.  I wanted to make your gut ache and the pains of the past seem relevant today.  I wanted to make this picture disappear, for this feeling to resonate inside of you and let all the sadness from the past become the present.

But I stopped.  I stopped dwelling on the misery and let it go.  I am embracing the memory and the goodness of that day.  The feeling of the sun as it rose in the eastern sky and lit up the pier in the most brilliant way, just begging for its picture to be taken.  A moment to be captured, saved and remembered. Even after knowing the outcome, I can find peace in the fact that I still see the beauty in this photograph.


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