Because our trip couldn’t be problem free!

My trip to Spain and Morocco is from July 30th – August 11th.  Ashley is already in Spain working and just informed me that her visa expires on July 31st!  EEK!  I just assumed that she would then get her 90 days as a tourist, but I guess it doesn’t work that way.  Our flight to Morocco leaves on August 3rd, 3 days after her visa expires.

Her options are:

1.  Bring a copy of her flight leaving Spain on the 11th and if the customs officials have a problem letting her back into Spain from Morocco, then play dumb American.  Right?  She’s hot, I’m sure she can flirt her way out of it!

2.  Leave Spain on the 31st to a non-Schengen country and then come back to Spain on the 1st.  This is probably the correct thing to do, but it seems overly complicated.


Is there anyone out there who knows what to do?  HELP?




Ashley is going to be in border jail! ha!

Ashley is going to be in border jail! ha!


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