Why I’m using Trevolta to help fund our trip

I’m sure that most people know what crowdfunding is and the many platforms that you can use to reach your monetary goals.  Trevolta  is specifically for travel and it aims to help you fund your trip by gaining sponsors.  Yes, you can have traditional backers.  However, when you look at some of the trips on there, you will see that they gain funding or gear or anything else necessary for their trip with the help of sponsors.  What a great idea.

Our trip is going to happen regardless.  And I know what some people are thinking, “Why in the hell should I give you money for your vacation?”  You don’t!  I’m not asking you. I just love that we live in a world where what my dreams are (whatever they might be) can inspire other people who have the means to help me out.   I encourage everyone to check out one of these crowdfunding sites and find something that inspires you and give.

I’m using my trip as part of my 100 Strangers Project.  I plan on continuing to use my one camera and one lens and I am looking to be inspired, humbled and transformed.  Every trip that I take, I always photographer people and now I want to know their back story.   I want to be able to show my kids faces from other countries and cultures and further teach them about tolerance, kindness and that being different is great.

Check out our page.  Don’t check out our page.  It’s ok!



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