My love affair with books

It’s National Library Week.  For me, every day is a library week.  There are at least five books that I am reading at any current time and I live by the saying, “The best decoration in the world is a roomful of books.”

I’m not sure at what age I learned to read, probably kindergarten, but I was always read a book at night before bedtime and almost every night, my mom could be found with her nose in a book.  Recently, my mom reminded me of two stories from when I was in second grade.  I had forgotten about them, but it just shows the magnitude of how much I love to read.

Do you remember book-it?  It was a program that for every book you read, you received a coupon for a free personal pan pizza at Pizza Hut.  Awesome!  Well, we participated in that and besides getting your coupon, you were able to add a paper link to your chain that was hanging all around the classroom.  I read at home.  I read when we were out.  I read in the bathtub.  I read everywhere.  At one point, my paper chain was so big that the teacher had to ask my mom for me to stop reading and help other kids who were struggling.  I don’t even remember this, but it sounds like me.

The second book memory that my mom just reminded me of was that when I would get home from school in second and third grade, that she would have to tell me to put my book down and go play outside!  Be a kid and go run around!

I hope that my daughter likes to read as much as I do.  She already has amassed quite an extensive library of her own and we read to her every night.  I value my library card more than you know and when we moved, the first thing I did was get my new license.  Of course, I didn’t care about the legality of needing it, I just wanted to get my new library card as soon as possible.

So I hope, that even if you don’t share my love of books, that maybe just for this week, pick-up a book, any book and enjoy the magic that lies within its pages.







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