Bravo Disney, Bravo!

A well deserved congrats to you Disney.  Somewhere in your movie studios, backlots and hidden labs, you have perfected the movie formula of crack.  You manged to take a meh movie (Yes, I am one of the few who didn’t think Frozen was the best thing ever made in the world) and add subliminal messages that make every child insanely addicted to all things Frozen.

Let me back up a bit.  My daughter loved, I mean loved Tangled.  She had a Tangled birthday party including Rapunzel herself as the guest of honor.  We watched it a lot.  We sang all the songs.  But I have never in my life experienced anything quite like the effect that this movie has on every child.

I am truly baffled.  

And the funny thing is, I’m pretty sure she has only seen the movie about five full times. Being a very active four-year-old,  she doesn’t really sit still for the length of a whole movie.  So, I find it hard to believe that after seeing it a handle full of times, that she can be so addicted.

There in lies my theory that Disney has cooked up something, planted it the movie and voila- crack for children!  *Just so you know, this is completely my opinion and there is no science to back this up, but think about it…

Since we are giving a giant FUCK YOU  KUDDOS to Disney.  I would love (insert the sarcasm font) to thank all the assholes smart people, who bought all of the Elsa and Anna swimsuits from the Disney store and are now selling them on ebay and amazon.  Which of course means the prices are ridiculous!    THANKS!




No day is complete without 10,000,000 Frozen references!




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