Finally! I found a new camera bag!

I have been searching for just the right camera bag for when I travel this summer.  I was really leaning towards the Epiphanie Charlotte.  However, after looking over RyanAir’s strict carry-on sizes, I needed to find something smaller.  So, I searched all over and finally found the Jo Totes Millie bag.  I was in love and ready to purchase only to find out that they no longer made it.

I then turned to ebay.  Surely, there would be selling one.  Yes, exactly one from a seller in Canada.  But of course, in the final seconds, we didn’t win the bag.  Now, I figured I could turn to Craigslist.  The problem with that site is that you can’t search nationwide.  I was actually considering going through all cities just to find this bag, when it occurred to me that I could just google the name of the bag, craigslist and 2014.  Low and behold I found one in Michigan!

I quickly emailed the seller begging for her to ship it to me.  The sweet Ashley, agreed to do so.  My bag was on it’s way.  It arrived this Saturday (to the neighbors) and thank god they brought it over.


THANK YOU SO MUCH Ashley in Michigan!  Her etsy page is Simply Sweet Studio.  Go check it out!


Jo Totes Millie

Jo Totes Millie




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