The Time my Friend and I Unknowingly Visited a Taxidermist.

We had just graduated high school and our parents sent a bunch of us to Cancun, Mexico for our graduation present.  My dad was taking myself, my girlfriend Cody and her boyfriend at the time, Mike, to the airport.  We left early and my dad kept telling us that we had to make a stop first.  What he didn’t tell us was that the cooler in the back of truck was holding a dead animal and we were going to the taxidermist.  It should be noted that both Cody and I were vegetarian at the time.

We pull into this crazy, cabin in the middle of the woods in nowhere land.  It was creepy before we even knew what we were walking into.  Entering this place was beyond disturbing.  This man was a big game hunter and had stuffed elephant heads, a zebra, a lion and monkeys that were positioned to hang from the ceiling!  Cody and I hightailed it out of there.  I think both of were on the verge of throwing up.  Mike was loving it!  He was so intrigued.

My dad brought us to this frighting place so that he could drop off a bobcat to be stuffed.  Yes! The whole way there, we were riding in the truck with a dead bobcat in a cooler!

When we came home from Mexico, my parents were out of town.  Cody and I unlocked my front door and were shocked to see the the stuffed bobcat displayed so that it was leaping in the air grabbing a quail sitting right there on the cedar chest in my parent’s foyer.


That was 18 years ago.


Don’t worry, the bobcat is still going strong, but instead of the being in the foyer, it now sits in the office where I work side-by-side with it everyday!


The bobcat in all its glory!

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