The 100 Strangers-Beautiful Portrait Project by Ata Adnan

Have you seen this?  I stumbled across it at the end of last year and decided that I was going to take on the challenge this year.

For the ’100 Strangers’ project, you approach 100 strangers on the street and take their picture. It is a great way to improve your portrait photography and meet new people at the same time. Ata Adnan liked his first time doing this project so much that he’s now doing a second round. “My favorite subjects are human—I believe there’s nothing more interesting than capturing human emotions, expressions and stories,” he says.

I am so intrigued and inspired by this.  It combines my love of street photography, portraits and candid pictures.  I love the idea to approaching strangers and being able to capture a moment that is both awkward, intimate and raw.  I can only hope that my project turns out half as good as Ata’s did.

Check out more of his pictures here.

All photos below by: Ata Adnan


#15 Wait buddy wait


#17 NiH


#36 Peek-a-boo!


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