One Woman. One* Lens. One Year.

I received my first prime lens since the early 90’s.  The only other fixed focal length lens I have ever had was the one that came with my mom’s old 70’s Canon film camera with a 50mm lens.  This is the camera that I first learned how to take proper pictures.  It was all manual, so I had no choice but to figure out all the settings.  At the time, the world was at the cusp of digital cameras.

From that camera, I moved on to a film Minolta with a kit zoom lens.  Eventually, I gave in and got rid of my 35mm camera and joined the digital age.  And only last year did I finally give up all my darkroom equipment that I had moved WAY too many times to count with the hope and nostalgia that I would one day pick up an old film camera and develop my own photos again.

In all those years, with all the different cameras I’ve had, I have never had a prime lens until this past Christmas.  I know.  It’s really not that exciting to most people. In fact, my husband hates it! But for me, there is something so new and amazing about it.  So, I read up on it.  (Yes, I’m a nerd like that and have spent hours reading about this lens!)  In doing so, I came across articles and blog posts about people only shooting with their 50mm lens for one year.  I found this fascinating.   i get bored very easily and this was just the challenge that I needed.

By only using your 50mm for one year, it makes you think outside of the box.  You have to move in order to zoom in or out.  It makes you think about distance and angles in a whole new way. ( at least for me it has)  It has only been about a month and a half, but I haven’t used my zoom lens yet.  And even though I brought it with me to Disney World, I didn’t break it out.  (The husband cursed his way through trying to use the camera that wasn’t set to auto and no zoom lens, but still, he didn’t change it! lol)

See my asterisk up there in the title?  I’m going to Spain and Morocco this summer and I as much as I want to make it through the whole trip with just the 50mm lens, that might not happen. I don’t know, we will just have to see.

So far, I’ve captured baby girl rockin out!

The Holidays.

And Disney World.


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