Rhodes, Greece & Savvas

Getting to Rhodes was an adventure. We flew out of bologna on Ryanair. When we got on the plane, ther was a bag in our seats. We looked inside and it was an oxygen mask and the flotation device. Um, what? We were laughing so hard. It was the stewardess’s demonstration kit. We were able to see multiple Greek islands when we were up in the air. Rhodes was beautiful. We were told more than once that we were the only Americans on the island. It was more of a Scandinavian vacation spot. I ate my most AMAZING Greek meal there. It was chicken stuffed with feta and olives. It had a light red sauce on it with roasted potatos, cucumbers, rice and of course, my favorite, tzatziki sauce. Um! We met Savvas. He was the owner of a restaurant and about 70 years old. He kept feeding us shots of ouzo. Turns out, he just wanted to steal me away from my husband. It was hysterical. We found a bar the served all of their cocktails with sparklers. SPARKLERS!!!!!!!!!!! This was a great start to our Greek island hopping adventure.


Best Greek food ever!!!


Haha Savvas



cocktails + sparklers = FUCKING AWESOME!

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