National Record Day

Aahhh….the memories.  My first record memories were from spending nights with my parents when I was super young, listening to their old records from the 70s and 80s.  It was on an old hi- fi record player with the really big earphones. My parents would listen to the Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Eagles, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams JR and other amazing bands.  I credit my love for music to them.  We didn’t have family movie night.  Not that I can recall anyways.  We listened to music and danced.  My parents still do it to this day.  There’s nothing like going home, getting drunk and dancing in the driveway from the house to the back garage with music blaring.  I went through my typical teenage phase where I was embarrassed of that and their music, but now I embrace it.  (It’s Durling Tradition)  I tried to find some pictures, but I think my mom has them.

Then came junior high and high school.  The first record I probably bought was a Discount/(someone else) split.  I came from a very small town with a surprising large music scene*.  *not sure if scene is the right word, but let’s just go with it*  Anyways my fate was sealed.  From then on out, I was at shows, buying records, making mix tapes and crushing on boys in the band.  My friend Cody and I would listen to records at her parents house and it opened up my music world even more.  She was my partner in crime when it came to going to shows and listening to records.

I fell in love once with a guy who works at a record store.  I’m not sure he ever knew.  We were young.  He was in a band.  I lived in a different town.  He made me a mixed tape.  I sent a thank you note and he wrote a song about it.  Over the years, we would meet again and again, but our fates were sealed for other people.  It’s so John Cusack meets John Hughes meets every other 80s cliché.  It’s just one more record memory.  I still to this day have never heard the song he wrote about my note…

I can only hope that my daughter will appreciate, not only records, but music in general.  I hope that she has a broad spectrum of music she listens to and doesn’t feel silly for liking a Miley Cyrus song just as much as she likes a Fugazi song.

Here’s to National Record Day!!!  May your life be filled with as many music memories as mine is.

where’s james???  🙂

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