It’s official..

5 weeks from today I will be at the Miami Airport waiting to board a plane to Italy.  I will be sad, happy, excited, nervous, you name it- but it will all be worth it.  I will have some e-books downloaded, some music for my ipod, maybe a movie for the ipad.  I will have snacks.  Nothing too salty because I really hate getting up to pee on the plane.  I will definitely have a few cocktails knocked back pre-flight and then a few more after take off. It will be hard work and lots of fun.  10 weeks of Italy, Greece and France. (Mostly Italy)  And who knows where else my travels will take me.  Right now my Italian level is at about a 1.  I know: ciao bello, grazie, and the most important word of all- prego.  Prego has various meanings, so when in doubt, just say prego!  Definition of Prego:  not at all, don’t mention it, you’re welcome; “thanks a lot” – “not at all!”, “it’s a pleasure or my pleasure,” please; take a seat or do sit down;”may I come in?” – “by all means!”, “please do!”; after you! you go first! pardon, sorry, and can I help you?  Yep.  PREGO!

Umbria Region, right next to tuscany

San Gemini pop 4500

cafe in town

Town at night


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