my last self-portraits… the fushica wedding shoes that never were

I encourage everyone to reread this blog post :  Our DIY Wedding to get the whole idea of where my photo story was coming from.  See, for my last self-portraits, I wanted to do a photo story.  I hadn’t done one before and decided to be brave, braver than before, and really try to get creative.  But the problem was that I didn’t really have any props.  So I started looking in the garage and then it came to me- my wedding dress!  Why not.  I would get to use my shoes that were meant for my wedding day and make a photo story out of it.  Great idea.  So, I called my friend Erin to see if she could meet me at the park by my house and watch Simone while I ran off in the forest to take pictures of myself in a wedding dress. Seemed simple enough.  We decided that she would come over the next day.  Well, that day I went to the pool with baby girl and some friends and by time we got home, we were both so exhausted that I canceled on her.  At that point, I kind of was giving up.  But then, that same day, around 5pm, I decided to do what no woman should ever do- I took me, dressed in my big, poofy dress (I couldn’t even buckle the seat belt).  Loaded baby girl in the car and drove to the park.  I got out, put baby girl in her crappy, $10 target stroller that is not made for pushing through the dirt to get to the spot I needed and headed off.  I was pushing the stroller with one hand and the other hand had layers of tule gathered up so they wouldn’t touch the dirt.  Oh, and I was carrying a camera and an umbrella. So finally, I was at the right spot, with the right light.  Some ladies stopped and stared at me like I was crazy and I told them it’s not what it looks like.  (I mean what would you think if saw a lady in a wedding dress, a baby in a stroller, setting the self timer on the camera and running to get into position before the 10 seconds is up.  Not Crazy At All)  So, I explained to them about my photography class and that I wasn’t some crazy lady wearing a wedding dress in the woods, pushing around a baby doll acting like it was real.  Because, really, that’s what it looked like.  And this is what came out: (the pictures that were taken in the park have not be photoshopped or have any effects on them.  It was pure luck and amazing lighting!)



all photos © of nikki.nicole

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