drum roll please…

I got the internship in Italy.  YAY!  I am so excited.  I will be gone for 10 weeks and I know that is going to be tough on my family, but it is an amazing career opportunity.  For half of the time, I will be restoring an old church and the other half, I will be learning the conservation and preservation of paper and books.  The crazy part is that it’s only 9 weeks away.  I have so much to do and I will be starting my spring quarter soon.  The one thing I don’t want is baby girl to go to the airport when I get dropped off.  I will already be an emotional wreck having to leave her, but that will be the worst if she is there.  And while I will miss my family  so much, we are surrounded by so much technology that I will be able to talk to them and skype her everyday.  So, what is 10 weeks really?  If it can give me the edge career wise that I will need when I graduate, then of course it’s a no brainer.  I think I should have studied Italian instead of French because this will be my third time going to Italy and I have only been to France once.  I am hoping that since it is in a small town, that I will be able to pick up some Italian along the way.  And, I’m sure there’s an app for that  🙂


this is the church I will be restoring


ahh...the Tuscan sunflowers



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