DIY- cool secret storage

As seen on Design*Sponge, this is exactly what I need.  I have installed two shelves above my computer to help with all the clutter in my small work space, but the shelves haven’t helped.  It still looks messy, just now instead of things piled up on top of the printer, everything is on the shelves.  I was considering buying some baskets, but I just don’t think that will work in this space.  Then, I came across this:  diy project: brenna’s secret storage books.  I love it because it’s made with stuff you should have already around your house.  Make sure to check out Brenna’s site paper & ink too.

clamshell style box

– new or recycled clamshell style boxes
– heavy chipboard or tag board
– cardboard tube from a wrapping paper or paper towel roll
– scissors
– exacto knife
– hot glue
– white glue or mod podge
– decorative paper (for covering the outside and lining inside of box. you can also use maps, wallpaper, or any type of medium or thick weight paper)


Check out the Design*Sponge link for the full instructions






* all photos courtesy of Design*Sponge and Brenna at Paper & Ink

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