staying in the hospital for 3 days=gaining 5 pounds???

First, let me explain that my one and half-year old baby girl was in the hospital for three days due to a respiratory infection.  She is back home and doing fine.  They couldn’t even come to a conclusive diagnosis.  That being said, you would think with all the worrying I was doing and the fact that I was barely eating, I would have somehow got this amazing hospital diet without even trying.  Nope.  To make matters worst, the day that she was admitted into the hospital, I had just had dental surgery earlier that morning and couldn’t eat anything but liquids or really soft stuff.  So, I mean come on, this should have been a weight loss given.  Somehow, the only thing I managed to want to eat while in there was smoothies, pudding, pumpkin pie, pudding, key lime pie, mashed potatoes, pudding, french fries and did I mention pudding.  Yes, I managed to gain about five pounds in three days on hospital food.  Yippee!!!!  Moral of the story: don’t eat the pudding

(this is one of my self-portraits for the class I am taking)

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