Cupcake Fondue…YUMMY

This might just be my new favorite thing.  I love regular fondue, but cupcake fondue, that’s just amazing!  I’m a dessert addict.  I love sweets and often on my grocery shopping trips, I purchase the two-bite cupcake pack.  The worst part is that I sometimes I hide it so they are all mine.  So, when I came across this idea, I was ecstatic.  It seems so easy and fun.  Not to mention colorful.  You would start by making mini cupcakes and the fondue part would be melted frosting. Then decorate away.  This would great for a kids party or for adults who love desserts like me  🙂

Visit pintsizesocial for the recipe.  For supplies visit Bake It Pretty.




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  1. mrsartsmrcrafts says:

    This is probably my favourite dessert idea I’ve seen in a looooong time! Simply adorable! But I have to say, I’m going to want some ganache-like chocolate dip in there too.

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