calm ≄ eating lunch with your 1st grader at his school

Today was the day where you could go and eat lunch with you kids at school and go to the book fair.  Even though he had already gone to the book fair, I thought that it would be nice if we came and ate lunch with him.  That is, me and my screaming 1 1/2 year old daughter.  Let’s set the scene.  I pull up through the school loop, where other parents are standing outside, windows down blaring playing Busta Rhymes Touch it. Then, as I get out of the car, I notice that the other moms are wearing, well mom clothes.  I’m in jeans and Florida Gators T-shirt that says, “I know what Florida boys like.”  Maybe not the perfect shirt choice for an elementary lunch.  Now in the lunch room, I start to look around and notice that other parents have all brought their kids food.  When Jonas finally can out for lunch, I was the only parent in line with my cafeteria tray.  By this time, baby girl had preformed her teradactyl screaming only about ten times.  Finally, with food in our hands and a seat at the table, we were making some progress.  The boy across from us kept wanting to touch baby girl.  He thought she was so cute and wanted to squeeze her arms.  Jonas didn’t want to eat any of his lunch, but wanted me to buy him and ice cream treat.  Another kid told us that he wanted a little brother.  I made the comment, “oh so you can be the big brother and boss him around?”  I was kidding and I thought that is why big brothers want little brothers.  With the straightest face ever, he told me that his mom had him and then had another baby, but that baby died and that’s why he wants a baby brother.  How do you respond to that???  Towards the end, we had to put baby girl in her stroller and Jonas insisted on pushing her around which led her to do more of her teradactyl screaming.  Now the older hall/lunch monitor kid had to come over and tell us to stop screaming.  We left shortly after that.  Moral of the story: if you ever go to lunch with your elementary aged kids, just hire a stand in family.  It will go much smoother  🙂

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