Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers

Today, instead of focusing on flowers, chocolate and romantic dinners, take the time to make everyone in your life feel special.  Even if it’s as small as wearing a smile and being polite at the grocery store or making sure you thank the person who takes your food order.  Hug your children.  Remember to thank your best friends for putting up with you all these years.  Kiss your dog or cat or fish.  Give your feet some love by painting your toe nails.  Tell your family you love them.  Show your favorite bar some love and buy someone a beer.  Give your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other/life partner/person you share a bed with a neck rub.  Hug yourself for being awesome.  Just take a moment today to send a little love to everyone.  Valentine’s Day could be a Hallmark holiday.  It could be a much needed romantic getaway.  Or it could just be the little reminder that somewhere, someone loves you and you love them too.

*that was my hippie, I love the world speech for today.  I’m sure tomorrow will be followed up with something more along the lines of “Oh man.  The kids are driving me crazy. What was my husband thinking when he said that.  Etc…”  enjoy the love now  🙂


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