date night!!

Yay!  You know what time it is…  It’s “baby girl is going with my parents and the 6 year old will be with his mom weekend!”  That means:  KID FREE!  KID FREE!  My husband and I are having date night on Saturday.  I know that it’s Valentine’s Day weekend, but even if it weren’t, we would still be going on a date.  However, since it’s going to be a busy weekend for restaurants, our top two choices are out because we didn’t make reservations.  No Colorado Fondue or Kobe for us.  Instead, we are going to sushi.  I’ve only been craving it for what seems like forever.  I almost bought some at Publix the other day and a mini bottle of sake, but it was 1 pm on a weekend and I had one child with me and still had to get the other from school.  Wait- did that sentence just come out of my mouth.  Stupid grown-up responsibility.  But this weekend, I will order a lot of sushi and probably drink a lot of sake and it will be amazing.  Oh ya, and my husband will be there too.

*funny thing- the movie we have out from netflix right now, waiting for us to watch it, is Date Night.  haha

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